Monday, May 7, 2007

Thorns and Rosebuds

I consider Lilly Ghahremani of Full Circle Literary (there is a link to her website on this blog) a mentor. Even though this lovely lady is half my age, she and some of the other agent/faculty at this year's Pikes Peak Writers Conference, taught me more about pitching and marketing than I ever thought I'd know. I even had the opportunity to pitch Lilly in person. In fact, she is the agent I mention in one of the early posts in this blog.

Well, although she didn't find my book one she thought she could pitch to editors, I did give my wife, Rebecca Bibbs, her name and now she has sent a query to Lilly. Rebecca is a far better writer than I am and I am sure Lilly will want to learn more about her novel, The Nubian Codex.

Lilly did like my blog. Here is what she said about it:

You did a great job with this blog! I think it will get you great media attention especially if you pitch it to media in the few months leading up to the anniversary. You even linked to Jonestown info and sources-- nice work and... Good luck Jeff!


Every now and then, an agent will provide you with a rosebud among the thorns. Perhaps someday, I'll get the whole bouquet.

Rebecca's blog is at Check it out.

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