Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Sherry Fine Saga - Continued

I received an email from a fellow writer who read my warning about the Writers Literary Agency and its VP of Acquisitions, Sherry Fine.

Dear Sir,
After receiving a recent contract from the Writer's Literary Agency, I did a Google search and found your email, hopefully you are still receiving mail at this address. I was under the impression that I had written the Waxman agency, a recommended and legitimate Agency based out of NY. I'm sure it was my own error in judgment, yet all communications were from the WL Agency
so you can see why I felt as if I was dealing with the more reputable agency. Regardless, my story unfurls much as yours appeared to have; receiving a positive review in a short period of time. I was asked to have a critique done and though they gave me the option for an outside editor, they made a good case for one they have worked with and only charged $60 to $90.
I noticed this all in time, having just received the contract via email today. I am curious if anything else ever came of your experience with the agency, as you can well imagine after such a long haul, all the effort put into creating the work and the hoops you must jump through to get the attention of the guardians at the threshold, that I am just well... deflated.
Best Regards,
I wonder why someone would stoop to scamming honest writers out of less than a hundred bucks rather than earning an honest living by properly representing them? Perhaps they con man or woman lacks the abilities to become a real literary agent so they resort to deceit and conniving trickery. I'd rather be a starving unpublished writer seeking honest representation rather than a dishonest scammer living off the hopes and dreams of others.

I would hope anyone who gets caught up in some scamming phony literary agent's web, would report that scumbag of a human being to the AAR, BBB and any other appropriate acronym. I am still actively seeking data on this sorry excuse for a would-be agent. If you want to share, email me at

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Shadia said...

I got a positive review from this agency too! Just in time I found your website! So glad I didn't ask for their 'recommended critiques' thanks for having posted this info!