Friday, May 11, 2007

Sherry isn't Fine

My search for a literary agent continues and as I surf the net for the one who thinks he/she is right for me, I keep running into the URLs for sites set up by someone who calls herself Sherry Fine. These websites are designed to relieve unsuspecting would-be authors of $60 to $90.

The most recent find is , a page that Google sends you to if you conduct a search on "agent literary." Sherry's no dummy. She knows where to find desperate and innocent marks for her game of bait and switch.

Three of the five sites you will find when you click on this offering are poorly disguised clones of each other. Click on "Literary Agency Seeks Writers" and your browser will take you to Click on "Screenplay Literary Agency Seeks Talent," and you will end up at "New Literary Agency -- Childrens Books" will take you to

I wonder if Sherry is fooling enough writers to make her scam worthwhile? If anyone has been a victim of Ms. Fine's unethical enterprise and has a story to tell, I hope you will share it with us on our forum. In the meantime, if WL LIterary Agency, WL Literary Agency and Marketing Companym WL Childrens Agency or any similar sounding venture catches your eye, reboot your computer to get the cooties out of it and keep on looking for a legitimate literary agent.


Finn Cullen said...

I too wouldn't like to say that Sherry is definitely a scammer.

I will say however that 3 days after I sent her a word document she wrote back and said it was pretty good but needed polishing & she could recommend someone who would do it for a small fee.

Unfortunately the word document was 6mb of corrupted crap that had never been and never would be anything other than corrupted code.

Seems they have pretty low standards... or failing that they are outright thieving scammers. But I won't try to judge...

Anonymous said...

I will say that Sherry Fine is truely a scam artist. I recently had a run in with her. What reputable business won't give you basic informaiton like their phone number, correct address, maybe a little proof that they actually exist? I got the same response from her as did everyone else that she recieved documents from. She even sent me a contract to sign stating that she wants to represent me. What I want to know is, what can we all do to have her prosecuted? She is committing fraud and stealing from people. She deserves nothing less than to be put in jail and pay for her crimes against innocent people trying to follow their dreams in life. She did recieve a nasty email from me but,that's not enough!

Plish said...

Thank you for your website. I have decided not to send 5-6 chapters of my book to Sherry as requested. I'm glad you posted this site. I will have to keep searching for a real agent.

cj said...

i cant believe i fell for that.. it was our family's only chance and hope...... shit..

Anonymous said...

My dad once told me that if something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.

That's why I decided to do a check on Sherry Fine and the "WL Children's Literary Agency." I had filled out a form at the website to see about representation and received an long email (she seemed very proud of her wordiness) asking that I send her my children's manuscript - but only by email. No phone number, no address, no nothing. I just got "that feeling" - you know, the one that says to back off a bit, check it out, be careful.

Apparently, my dad was a wise man. I'll keep looking for a reputable firm.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting to the web on Sherry Fine.

I also had that feeling that something was not quite right.

I want to blast this scammer, but I will just put energy in the direction of searching out a legitimate agency and publisher.

Good work, Thanks


neely said...

wow! it is so much better to research. everything sounded so prefect!

neely said...

i can't believe this! it's true that research is vital. new writers, like myself, are desperate to be discovered! how do we get there???

Anonymous said...

I Recently fell for this one... I wish I would have looked more in depth, they sent a contract, and asked me to pay for a professional critique before I was able to speak to my agent. that brought up red flags, and I had sent off 10 chapters, but since Finn Cullen had said... they sent 6mb of corrupted file, and they accepted. I doubt they actually read it. this needs to get out. and they need to be exposed.

Anonymous said...

Great. Thanks for posting that. I'm awaiting a response from her re my novel, WAKING UP PINK, which is a satiric fable based on experiences with the Rajeesh cult in Oregon. Bit of a Jonestown connection there...

Sad that unfulfilled writers are so many and publishers/agents so few.

Good thing there is self publishing, pod etc.

J.R. MacLean

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she's a scammer. I know people who've copied a lunch menu or just entered row after row of Xs and been offered representation.

Remember, a reputable agent will NEVER ask you to part with any money up front, no matter what it's for.

Ronda Melendez said...

Oh my god. I am so thankful to have done some research before any money changed hands. I was just SO proud even though it took 15 days for her to get back to me, for her to say she wanted my book for their screenplay to movie section of the business. *sigh* I was so proud, and so was my husband. I just feel like crying right now. I am lucky I guess that I did the self publishing bit and that my work is copyrighted.

Dear god what am I going to do now??? How am I going to get a decent agent that I won't feel like I will need holes in the back of my head watching them, for fear that they will turn into a Sherry Fine clone? If any of you hear anything please let me know at

I am all for going after her legally and am willing to help.